Ways We Give Back

10% of all orders are donated directly to the cause your choosing:
1. The Children’s Grand Adventure 
2. The Madonna Learning Center
3. The Hope Promise Charlie Glass Sarcoma Foundation 
4. American Heart Association
5. The Warrior Princess 
6. Ed Murphy Classic

We are meant to live in purpose.

My father taught me to find what you are passionate about never forgetting to serve others while doing it and you will find happiness. My father was unfortunately diagnosed with a rare cancer and lost his battle in 2012. Out of a promise made to him and through putting my pain into a purpose, the Hope Promise Charlie Glass Sarcoma Foundation was formed. The promise to create hope for the hopeless.

Each of Vice’s pieces are just like any piece of art, to tell a story- your story. Choose your feature piece and we give back to one of these missions. Turn your vice into a vision and always remember to live in purpose, to evolve, and to always give back. (click on the mission to find out more on why VICE chose these as the featured nonprofits. If you have a nonprofit that you would like to give to or raise money for, please email VICE and we can do a jewelry show featuring your mission)