Amazing Grace

We all have things that distract us. It’s the self-discovery, authenticity, the refinement, and the recreating that turns our vices into our story where we take weakness and make them our strengths. Once known as Vice by Kathleen, Grace by Kathleen Weatherford developed into a company that inspires to contribute to building confident women.

Each piece is handcrafted by Kathleen in which she takes both precious metals to intertwine with discovered and once forgotten metals that she repurposes into pieces of art. Her jewelry is created to be adorn over time and to serve as an inspiration catalyst. Kathleen, a product of childhood grief after losing her sister, found ways to cope through life with the misconception that busyness and success would heal while the world is selling us the need for our vices to cope to hang on. Just like some of the metals are repurposed, so can our lives be. Each piece is a piece of art with its own self expression representing the reflection of the beauty that can be created out of the mess.