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GRACE by Kathleen Weatherford

The Arrow

The Arrow

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Creator favorite* The arrow represents the journey of life and the point of impact that we can make. The arrow is a symbol of strength. In hunting with a bow and arrow, the arrow has to be pulled back in the bow to be able to function as it should. The pulling back is reflection- it's hard to reflect backwards and to see our truth. It's sticky but it has to be done to be able to move forward. With a bow and arrow, you have to know where you are going and to keep steady and focused so you don't lose aim on the bullseye. After the pull back, you have to go through the motion, being present and being willing to fully let go. The force is great in the letting go which leads to a huge point of impact, leaving a mark/a mark of victory. This symbol is meant to inspire the reflection, the being present in the moment, the inner strength, and the self belief as well as grace to let go knowing that you can head the direction that you seek. It's to inspire- where are you headed? Where is your arrow pointed? What mark do you want to leave and "where" do you want to leave your mark? 

About us



No one can conquer their own vices until they discover what they are. We all have things that distract us. It’s the self-discovery, refinement, and recreating that turns our vices into our story where we take weakness and make them our strengths.

Formally known as Vice by Kathleen, Grace by Kathleen Weatherford was formed. 

Kathleen, a bespoke metal artist/ jeweler, and used metal hunter, creates pieces of jewelry from sterling silver, gold, bronze, brass, and coppers with metals that she rediscovers and remasters into unique and treasured jewelry. 

Each piece is a piece of art with its own self expression representing the reflection of the beauty that can be created out of the mess. What once seemed as something to be tossed away becomes something incredibly beautiful and unique. 




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